Shredder Ski | About Us
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About Us


Since 2012, Shredder has grown into the premiere indoor snow sports experience for families of Colorado’s Front Range. Our services allow a fun-loving clientele to develop their ski/snowboard skills in a comfortable, social, and safe environment. With aspirations to expand nationally, Shredder is pursuing the mission of making snow sports truly accessible to all.


Shredder is Colorado’s first year-round ski and snowboard business dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of snow sports. It is a Colorado-owned, independent company focused on growing the sports of skiing and snowboarding. The business is designed to help lower the barriers of entry for kids and adults to learn a new sport by addressing the common problems of time, distance, and money. Shredder’s innovative curriculum and unique “snow” experience increases the conversion and retention rates for ski and snowboard participation because it is accessible, affordable, and fun!


Developing Confident and Knowledgeable Skiers/Riders In a Fun and Safe Environment


Built around PSIA-AASI principles, Shredder’s philosophy is to guide participants through skill progressions to build confidence, knowledge, and proficiency. Our facility accommodates various stations that emphasize ski/snowboard techniques while developing the strength, agility, and athleticism to enjoy the sport independently.


There is a lot more to skiing and snowboarding than just going down a hill.  Especially with young children, approximately 90% of your time as a parent is leaving your house to being at the top of the  hill; you have not even gone down the hill yet!


Our program is designed to maximize the entire ski/board experience.

Learn more about the Shredder Experience.


  • Best family sport!
  • Strategies for parents to maximize their day!
  • Business is focused on families
  • Mission is to develop life- long skiers/riders


  • Shredders learn in fun and safe environment
  • Engaging themes and interesting historical facts
  • Strategies for parents to make their day adventurous
  • Kids don’t want to stop!


  • PSIA/AASI/Experienced instructors
  • Highlighted Skill Drills – balance, edging, pressure, rotary
  • Continuous education and practice
  • Progress faster in lessons at resorts


  • 85% of new skiers/riders nationwide try it once
  • It’s expensive & time consuming
  • Shredder will help maximize your investment
  • Shredder makes it affordable, accessible and fun!


Learning to ski and snowboard is a process and similar to other sports, practice is essential to short and long term success. Our professionally developed curriculum   incorporates many leading practices into an innovative indoor experience that will maximize your outdoor snow and sport adventures. This total snow experience also provides crossover benefits, so you’ll develop the skills needed both to shred on the slopes and in life.
Here are some of the aspects of our curriculum:
  • Terrain Based Learning/PSIA/AASI
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Brain Plasticity/Athletic Development