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About Us


Developing Confident and Knowledgeable Skiers/Riders In a Fun and Safe Environment


Shredder is Colorado’s first year-round ski and snowboard business dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of snow sports. It is a Colorado owned, independent company focused on growing the sport of skiing and snowboarding. The business is designed to help lower the barriers of entry for kids and adults to learn a new sport, helping to solve the common problems of time, distance, and money. Shredder offers an innovative curriculum and unique snow experience that increases the conversion and retention rates for ski and snowboard participation because it is accessible, affordable, and fun.


What material does Shredder use for the indoor surface?

We use Xtreme, manufactured by Grassworx. The combination of water and wax will enable skiers and snowboarders to “slip” (to travel down the surface) and “to grip” (for turning and stopping) down our different features. Artificial snow surfaces are used all over the world, including  places throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. This material enables skiers and snowboarders to learn or practice year round and allows a variety of different people to have access to these great sports.

Does learning on artificial snow have any negative impact on skiing or riding on real snow?

Absolutely not! In fact, most clients have expressed that it is much easier to ski or ride on the mountain after they had learned or practiced on the artificial snow. The material catches the edges of the skis and snowboards very easily, making it much easier to practice the proper technique. In addition, being able to practice skiing or riding year-round will help strengthen skills and technique for when you’re ready to hit the slopes.

What slopes are available for use?

At the Shredder Boulder facility, we currently have a large indoor slope, a small indoor slope (Yeti mountain) and a medium-sized outdoor slope.

What should I bring to class?

All gear is included when you enroll for a session.  If you prefer to bring your kiddo’s gear, including a helmet, you may.

We recommend wearing comfortable or athletic clothing. A special note for snowboarders: Feel free to bring any elbow/knee pads or guards and maybe some light gloves for protection when falling on the artificial snow if you feel you or your child would be more comfortable.

What happens during a typical class?

Class organization and structure varies depending on the class size and type. Typically, ski and snowboard classes are broken down into groups based on ability level and the sport they are practicing. Once the class begins, each group will rotate stations throughout the gym to work on various skills and techniques with an instructor. Depending on the ability levels and class size, stations usually include practicing various techniques on the large slope, the outdoor slope, and the smaller “yeti” slope.

For more information about our classes, feel free to read their specific class descriptions on their respective pages.

Should I drop off or should I stay with my skier/rider during class?

We strongly encourage parents to drop off their Shredders to help them become comfortable being independent while skiing and snowboarding. However, if preferred, parents are welcome to stay during class time in our lobby or outdoor areas. Some children are much more comfortable when their parent is around, while others are sometimes reluctant to participate; however, each child has their own comfort level while in class.


If you have any questions or concerns about dropping off your child or staying for the duration of the lesson, feel free to contact us and we will happily work with you to find a good solution.

Weather Policy

We follow BVSD’s weather policy.


On the weekends, we will make the determination.


Please check our website, social media, etc…

Do Indoor ski/board levels correspond with levels at the resorts?


Refund Policy

Shorter Sessions (Fall 1, Spring and Summer):

  • Weeks 1 to 3: Full Refund
  • Weeks 4-6: Partial Refund (able to use value towards future camp or other programs)


Longer Sessions (Fall 2 & Winter):

  • Weeks 1 to 5: full refund
  • Weeks 6-10 or 12: Partial Refund (able to use value towards future camp or other programs)
Flexible Make-up Policy

If you are unable to attend a class for any reason, let us know in advance and we will schedule a make-up class. All make-up classes must be used within the session you are currently enrolled in.

Can my child begin after a session has begun?

Yes. You can enroll for classes at anytime during any session, assuming there is space available. Classes can be prorated after the beginning of each session.


There is a lot more to skiing and snowboarding than just going down a hill.  Especially with young children, approximately 90% of your time as a parent is leaving your house to being at the top of the  hill; you have not even gone down the hill yet!


Our program is designed to maximize the entire ski/board experience.

Learn more about the Shredder Experience.


  • Best family sport!
  • Strategies for parents to maximize their day!
  • Business is focused on families
  • Mission is to develop life- long skiers/riders


  • Shredders learn in fun and safe environment
  • Engaging themes and interesting historical facts
  • Strategies for parents to make their day adventurous
  • Kids don’t want to stop!


  • PSIA/AASI/Experienced instructors
  • Highlighted Skill Drills – balance, edging, pressure, rotary
  • Continuous education and practice
  • Progress faster in lessons at resorts


  • 85% of new skiers/riders nationwide try it once
  • It’s expensive & time consuming
  • Shredder will help maximize your investment
  • Shredder makes it affordable, accessible and fun!


Learning to ski and snowboard is a process and similar to other sports, practice is essential to short and long term success. Our professionally developed curriculum   incorporates many leading practices into an innovative indoor experience that will maximize your outdoor snow and sport adventures. This total snow experience also provides crossover benefits, so you’ll develop the skills needed both to shred on the slopes and in life.
Here are some of the aspects of our curriculum:
  • Terrain Based Learning/PSIA/AASI
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Brain Plasticity/Athletic Development
Meet the Staff!

Brooks, owner and founder of Shredder, is recognized by many from The Little Gym of Boulder. He brings his passion for skiing and kids programs together in one place. He grew up alpine ski racing on Buck Mountain (aka, Buck Hill, Minnesota). He is excited about the opportunity Shredder gives kids to love skiing/boarding before getting on the mountain so they can fully enjoy the slopes. Brooks has his Colorado teaching certificate for Early Childhood Development and is a qualified Alpine Level 1 Certified and Children’s Alpine Specialist Level 1 Ski Instructor. His wife Jen is a Physical Therapist at Boulder Community Hospital and his daughters Ellori (age 11) and Casten (age 12) love to ski, both indoors and outdoors



Pete is from Golden, CO and enjoyed his first days on the slopes at Loveland Ski Area. After graduating from CSU in Fort Collins in 2011, he moved to Keystone, CO where he began teaching skiing. Pete worked full-time as a kids ski instructor for 3 seasons at Keystone before joining the Shredder Gym in the fall of 2014. He is a PSIA certified Alpine and Freestyle coach. When not skiing or teaching, Pete spends his time playing mandolin in Golden-based bluegrass band Thunder and Rain.

Pete the Cat


Olivia was born and raised here in Colorado and learned to ski at Eldora Mountain. In 2015, after graduating from CU Boulder, she decided to become a ski instructor. When she’s not teaching lessons, you can find her hunting for powder stashes at the Colorado Gems or at Mary Jane. While mainly a skier, Olivia does like to break out her snowboard every so often.

Durning the off-season Olivia is either camping in southern Colorado, or trying to convince people who own lead ropes to climbing up in Jurassic Park. When she’s not at Shredder, she’s working as a teacher at a local play-based preschool.



Max has worked at Shredder since moving to Boulder in May, 2013 and has his BS and MBA in Business Finance. In addition to teaching skiing and snowboarding, he has coached the 8th grade Basketball Team at Horizons School. He has worked with a number of other athletes hoping to develop their athleticism. Max grew up in Stamford, CT, and his father was the Strength and Conditioning/Player Development Coach for the New York Knicks for 20 years. He played baseball at Mount St. Mary’s University (Division 1) as well as professionally in Europe. When he is not at Shredder, Max enjoys being outdoors, snow sports, golfing, playing basketball, long walks on beach and romantic candlelight dinners.



Jack is one of our newer instructors. Growing up in Aspen, he could ski before he could walk. What a stud! Not only is he a skiing PRO, but his passion stems from marketing, and knows how to post on “the Facebook” this kid is a all around ninja. Aside from skiing, Jack likes the simple things in life like long walks on the beach with Max and, of course, margarita night at the Rio.

Jack the Pirate


Maya has been teaching at Shredder since October 2014. Born and raised in Denver, she’s been skiing for 13 years and snowboarding for 3 years around Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. When she’s not teaching or tearing up the slopes, Maya enjoys crossword puzzles, watching The Bachelor, and pursuing her rap career. She currently attends CU Boulder and studies Finance and Spanish, and looks forward to her fall semester abroad at the University of Chile.



``Hey didn't we lock you in a dumpster once?`` ....Piero, or as we and the kids like to call him ``Cheese``, is a backup dancer at any and all Justin Bieber concerts. When he’s not dancing, he is just a regular high school senior who plays varsity soccer (well look at that haircut). Piero loves to spend time in the mountains with his family and get smoked by his younger brothers Colin (5) and Joshua (3). He plans to attend college at CU or will return to Germany to pursue his further education.

Piero aka ``The Cheese Man``